Title Ix Essay

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Nigel Liaw

Mr. Gobrail
English 3-5A
27 March 2006
A Change in History for Women Women presently play a huge part in daily activities whether it is at school, sports, or work. Over the past three decades, women have gained many rights and privileges that men have had for half a century or longer. Gaining these rights and privileges has allowed women to play important roles in today's society. One of the most debated issues between men and women is Title IX. This issue has created controversial problems that have caused a separation between men and women. Although, Title IX is constantly brought up, it was the beginning of a new era for women. An era that would allow women to be accepted as equals to men in everyday activities.
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Bias opinions often only look at the negative effects of Title IX and not the positive outcomes. Male critics often say that Title IX is the reason for a loss of funding for men's teams at the high school and collegiate level. Yet this is not true, women's sports still remain under funded with Title IX present. Many people often overlook the fact that institutions put most of their resources into high-profile men's sports at the expense of other men's sports rather than reallocating resources to maintain all the sports programs (Hammer 4). Women do not hold all responsibility for the decrease of men's sports, rather men share equal blame in that.
Regardless of all these bias opinions and criticism on Title IX, society shows that it favors men's sports over women's. Steven E. Rhoads, a professor at University of Virginia, says that 97 percent of total ticket sales come from men's games and only a mere 3 percent of sales come from women's games (164). From what the statistics show, even though Title IX has made a huge progress for women in today's society, it has not changed a lot of views in people's minds. Some may say that a cause of this is that women's sports are just not that exciting to watch. This may be true but a good

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