Title Ix : Historical Setting Essay

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Title IX
Historical Setting In 1972, the U.S. Department of Education passed Title IX; thus ensuring equal opportunities for both sexes in educational institutions. This title came during a time of revolution, and society fighting for equality in all aspects of life. At this time in society, women were consistently given unequal opportunities in education, starting from primary school. The title was created to provide opportunities, in an attempt to decrease an advantage one sex held over the other. The title was approached cautiously to help prevent alienation of the students, and created in a manner to promote growth and possibilities.
Where Title IX is Applied and the Exemptions
• Title IX made it so that no person should be excluded from, denied benefits of, or subjected to discrimination from any educational institution or federally funded program or activity due to their sex. o Educational institutions are defined as any public or private preschool, primary, or secondary school, institution of vocational, professional, or higher education school. Exclusions include any educational institution of more than one school, college, or department which contain their own admissions in separate departments.
• Subject to prohibition applies only to vocational, professional, graduate, higher education, and public undergraduate higher education institutions. The title does not apply to institutions in the process of changing from only admitting one sex to admitting…

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