Tire Classification Is Based On The Tire 's Construction And Features

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Tire classification is based on the tire’s construction and features. Radial tires feature transverse radial plies that lay perpendicular to the direction of travel. In this way the tire gives you a softer and comfortable ride, and there is less heat build up. Radial tires are made with the plies set radially which gives them more flexible tire walls. They have threads that protect the interior and provide high grip to the road. Ply cord is the main body of the tire, which holds the inflation pressure and withstands road and road shocks. Radial tires will offer you a number of benefits. These tires have flexible walls, which provide high grip on the road, allowing you to have a comfortable ride by absorbing road shocks and providing better handling. The layout of the tire plies provides for a more stable contact with the road surface and reduced vibration. Radial tires have longer life spans and offer better maneuverability because the tire generates less heat. Go for tires that will serve well in all weather conditions so that they can give you an all year round service. Also ensure that the tires are suited to the terrain and surface conditions you are likely to be driving on. When buying new tires to make sure they fit before you purchase the tires!

10. Nokian eNTYRE All-Season Radial

Tire size - 215/70R15 98T

These tires by the Finnish tire maker Nokian are designed for an all year performance. These are good quality tires that will give you a…

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