Tips Of Abraham Maslow's Approach To Stress Management

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The Maslow’s Need Hierarchy is given by Abraham Maslow, who has explained the strength of certain needs at the different point of time.
Maslow has given a framework that helps to understand the strength of needs and how a person moves from one need to the other when the basic needs are fulfilled. These needs are arranged in the hierarchical form as shown below:

(Maslow’s Need Hierarchy, n.d)
The hierarchy is made up of 5 levels:
1. Physiological – these needs must be met in order for a person to survive, such as food, water and shelter.
2. Safety – including personal and financial security and health and wellbeing.
3. Love/belonging – the need for friendships, relationships and family.
4. Esteem – the need to feel confident,
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Stress management can be defined as involvements designed to reduce the impact of stress in the workplace. These can have an individual focus, designed at increasing an individual ability to manage with stress. The goal of Stress Management is to help you to manage the stress of everyday life. Many different methods may be employed, such as biofeedback, thought and massage. Tips to stress management include calm, clear thoughts and quiet confidence in yourself and your ability to accomplish the goals set for yourself (Stress Management Definition, 1997-2017).
Stress Management Strategies
In terms of the workplace, there are a number of ways in which the stress induced by the types of situations described above may be controlled and reduced.
1. Manage time effectively
Poor time management significantly impacts on people’s stress levels, and the techniques of time management can be effective in coping with work overload. These include setting realistic goals, deciding on priorities, finishing one task before starting another so that you always feel in control, organizing work so that you can find things when they are needed, and allowing time for urgent problems and contingencies.
2. Take regular
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