Timemap Human Geography Research Paper

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The geographic factors of early earth impacted those who lived there and their ways of life in many significant ways. Some examples of these factors on earth would be their location to water and animals for food around them. Also During the time of nomads they lived in a world that required different means of survival tactics due to the geographic features in which they lived even if this meant changing their way of life that had been set in order for years by those previous to them. According to timemaps.com the Mesopotamian lands “By 6000 BC, farming settlements dotted the Middle Eastern landscape from Egypt to Iran. Most of these were small villages, but some, like Jericho, were sizeable towns. Jericho, situated in a large oasis, consisted …show more content…
In the ancient governments and modern governments alike we change our systems of government because if we change laws and other things as such we keep a sort of up to date government that is eye to eye with its fellow man (although our government doesn’t count towards that). In an article by conspiracyclub.co/ they explain some very bad laws that once took part in American citizens. One in particular was the Alien and Sedition Acts which said “Passed by Congress and signed into law by President John Adams in 1798, this Federalist law granted him power to detain and deport any immigrant he deemed harmful to the United States government. Given the number of deportations and restrictions of immigrant rights, it seems like he thought just about every immigrant was a “threat.” Basically this made anyone not of American citizenship to be deported just based on the thought of their threat level to the constitution. This article proves that a change to government is good thing because it gives congress another chance to fix what they may have changed in a bad way. In the end it’s clear that in history a change to a system of government is a positive thing if you are to uphold the rights of the American

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