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Drug and alcohol control

Drug and alcohol control
The pure food and drug act of 1906
The pure food and drugs act of 1906 was an important piece of the progressive Era registration. This act was enacted to safeguard the public against the adulteration of food and also from the products which were identified to be healthful without the scientific support. It was applied to the goods that were shipped in the foreign commerce. The main reason was to safeguard against misbranding or adulteration. The adulteration was as a result of poisonous color or flavor in food or even various ingredients that which would be harmful to the health of humans. The provisions included development of the food and
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Following the judgment a notice will be given following the publication in a manner prescribed by the rules in the provisions. The secretary of the treasure is also expected to deliver to the Agricultural secretary samples of drug and foods imported in the country or offered for exports (Curtis, 2013).
The scope of the 1906 drugs act has been broadened by several registrations through years. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the 1938 Food, Drug and Cosmetic act which succeeded the 1906 act. This was brought about by campaigns by the organizations on consumer protection and federal regulations. The campaign listed harmful products which were permitted by the 1906 laws such as mascara and radioactive beverages which caused chronic diseases such as tuberculosis and diabetes. This law increased the federal regulatory authority for the drugs through authorizing a pre-market review on the safety of the new drugs and banning therapeutic claims. The new law authorized inspections of the factories and increased the enforcement powers. The law set new food standards regulations and brought the therapeutic and cosmetic devices under the federal regulatory authority. The Early FD&c Act amendments: 1938-1958 preceded the 1938 act. This act started to designate specific drugs as safe for use but only under supervision of a qualified medical professional. The FDA enforced new powers against the drug

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