Essay about Time Of Year : Holidays Gatherings And The Related Stresses

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It 's that time of year: holiday gatherings and the related stresses that are inevitably involved. We see people who we love, and people we may not like so much. There are people who we see only once a year for a reason. Although it was frequently an unpleasant occasion, for many years I attended a Thanksgiving gathering with my father’s side of the family for the sake of my father, an aunt, and my grandmother. These three loved ones are no longer living and it has been a surprise that my one surviving aunt has decided to continue the tradition. She herself has avoided the gathering and was estranged from her sister for many years. She has not been kind to my siblings and I, but seems to be reaching out to us because we are the last remaining connection to her brother. For the sake of forgiveness and due to the insistence of my sister, I have attended this gathering for the last few years. Because I suffer from social anxiety, it would make life much easier to avoid social interaction, especially in large groups. A large gathering of people that I avoid for a reason is incredibly stressful; few hours are all that I can take without mentally shutting down and experiencing the need to flee. Even social engagements that do not involve family, attended by people who I enjoy on a one on one basis, I tend to avoid due to the discomfort involved. I have lied to get out of uncomfortable social gatherings and have made the excuse that I have to work, have an ill pet,…

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