Time Management Critical Thinking And Our Future Career

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Time Management, Critical Thinking, and Our Future Careers.

In this essay I will be talking about how critical thinking and the systemization of time do, in fact, benefit my current and future career.
So how is critical thinking, “the art of analyzing and evaluating thinking with a view to improving it” (Elder and Paul, 2010), crucial to my university studies and future career? What about time management, the organizing of time in regards to activities and work? In school and in the workforce, time management and critical thinking skills are essential to learning and are fundamental to our attainment of goals and tasks. I will be drawing on four main sources throughout this essay including Bowell and Kemp(2005), Elder and Paul (2010), and
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in any situation, be they our lives or the lives of others, there is no substitute for the ability to think logically and to detect errors in the thinking of others." (2005,p4) How many times have you found yourself having answered a question, made a hasty decision or simply just responded too quickly, without having thought about it? Avoiding making wrong choices and jumping to the wrong conclusion will save employers and other employees time, which is valued in the work and business industries. People working in management areas in particular, need critical thinking skills as it results in having balanced judgment, which in turn, paves the way for a more optimal approach to ‘doing business’. People who think critically are able to understand the task, question or argument at hand as well as determine the consequences and possibilities of the situation. In businesses today, critical thinkers are the most sought after leaders as they consider the long-term effects and perspectives as opposed to focusing on the immediate implications of their decisions.
Another notable pro of utilizing critical thinking skills is your ability to say no. If you feel like you have to or should say yes to everything people expect or ask of you, for example, you are cutting away at the time you could be using to complete other, more valuable
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135, 2013). During this study it was noted that many students made complaints to their teachers, claiming that “they don’t have enough time to carry out all the tasks assigned to them,” and it also noted that a number of other students that were achieving highly, were seen be showing more self disciplinary skills (Zimmerman & Martinez-Pons, 1990), with the most notable skill being time management (Eilam & Aharon, 2003). Having a schedual or a well systematized and structured plan also helps with students development where they are able to see their progress and personal achievements with each task. Putting thought into how you can spend and use your time more effectively can be useful across different parts of your personal and professional life. Time management and organization isn’t a stagnant concept, but is a concept that changes as it depends high and lower priority tasks are taken

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