Time Management And Attitude Determine Success Essay

1384 Words May 8th, 2015 null Page
Time Management and Attitude Determine Success Have you ever seen a Ferrari advertisement while watching television? A smart man once told me they are not shown because people who strive for Ferraris spend their free time more productively. Being successful will never come easily to an individual. It takes enormous amounts of hard work, determination and numerous other important characteristics that contribute to an individual being prosperous. Having an optimistic attitude is an extremely important skill that plays a key role in your continuous journey to success. If people are able to display a positive attitude while in a negative environment, then they can display their self as confident in the worst of situations. Another very useful talent many successful people need is the ability to manage their time. Planning and using your time effectively is the first step of accomplishing goals. Goals are set by everyone who is successful and are crucial to help you stay on track and making sure your daily activities have a purpose. These two assets, attitude and time management, can immensely improve the chance for success in everyday life. A positive attitude has been encouraged since the beginning of time. With so many sources talking about the benefits of a positive attitude, one would think that everyone would develop a positive attitude. However, that could not be further from the truth. In today’s society most people would claim it is hard to come across someone who…

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