Time Is Not A Containable Force Essay

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Time is Not a Containable Force Imagine a time when life is getting rough and the world just seems to really not care about what is happening. Disappointing events continue to happen and everything is on the opposing side of happiness. Time just seems to slip right from the hand and fly away like dandelions in the wind or like a slippery fish as the author mentioned. In Ruth Ozeki’s novel, A Tale for the Time Being, that is the same exact situation that the main character, Nao, is going through. Going to school is a constant battle, she hardly has any friends or family that she can gain support from, and she just cannot seem to catch a break. There are times for her when life is just one tremendous conflict. As Nao experiences these times of hopelessness and despair, it is apparent to her that time will always continue to move forward no matter what life throws at her. As Nao settles into her new school in Japan, she discovers that the school is filled with bullies and bad intentions which all progressively get worse over time. Nao confessed, “It’s probably been awhile since you were in junior high school, but if you can remember the poor loser foreign kid who entered your eighth-grade class halfway through the year, then maybe you will feel some sympathy for me” (Ozeki 44). With being a new student in school, let alone coming from the opposite side of the world, it can result in some fairly difficult tasks and feats to overcome. Usually problems like these can be…

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