Essay on Time And Time Manipulation : Time

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Time and Time Manipulation
What is time? It can be tracked by the rising and setting of the sun or moon or by simply looking at a clock. We have calendars that tell us what day it is, what month, what year, what season, but what really is time? Time doesn’t exist in the way we think it does (Time Limits). Time is perception of time. We perceive time differently depending on our circumstances and surroundings. As individuals we each experience life a little differently and some of this has to do with time, but as humans we experience time differently than other organisms. We would have to slow down time to perceive time as a fly does and speed up time to perceive time as a plant does (Time Limits).
So how do we study these things that happen too quickly or too slow for us to see? With the use of technology we can slow down and speed up time to study the things we can’t see. This technology is used in many everyday events such as the study of animals and during space shuttle launches. By slowing down footage of amphibians, scientists can study what makes their tongues so fast and accurate when catching prey. NASA uses many high speed cameras during all of their shuttle launches so they can easily see any problems in case something goes wrong (Time Limits). On the other end, footage can be sped up to see a flower grow, or a city be formed. By recording the growth of a flower on camera and speeding it up later, it allows viewers to accurately see how a flower forms without…

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