Till We Have Faces By. Lewis, The Treatment Of Women Essay

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In the novel “Till We Have Faces” by C.S. Lewis, the treatment of women as items and inferior beings is a very prevalent theme. Women are restricted from political matters and are not able to hold any power. They are also defined by their looks, and in Orual’s case, it can be extremely debilitating. Although she is faced with the hindrances of being a woman in a “man’s world,” Orual rises to power as the queen of Glome while masked by a veil, demonstrating both her unanticipated capabilities as a strong female ruler and her struggle to find her true identity. The tyrannical king, Orual’s father, is a good example of a man who dehumanizes women. He receives a young woman to be his second wife, but only uses her for sex, so he can have a son. He stripped her of innocence when he “left the shivering, white body with its staring eyes” (12). Later, when she gives birth to a daughter, the king becomes extremely furious and takes out his anger on a poor slave boy. He detests girls so much that he considers them to be a disease, asking why the “gods send [him] this flood of them” (16). He then proceeds to pick up his daughter Orual and throw her. Later, when Orual tries to stop the king from sacrificing Psyche, he shouts at her and questions why she speaks out against him, because she has no political authority as a woman: “You to raise your voice among the counsels of men?” (55). He constantly brings Orual to the Pillar Room and makes her look in the mirror at her ugliness. He…

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