Through A Blue Lens Is A 52 Minute Long Documentary Essay

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Through a Blue Lens is a 52 minute long documentary which portrays the day to day interactions between a group of officers from the Vancouver Police Department and various homeless and drug addicts in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. In this film, the police officers, known as The Odd Squad Productions Society, hope to educate society about the tragedy of those who suffer from the addiction to controlled substances and alcohol, and of the extreme circumstances these individuals find themselves in due to said addictions. Over the course of the film, the police officers develop great sympathy and concern toward the homeless and drug addicts they encounter during their patrolling of the city. As part of the exchanges between the cops and the homeless, the addicts become very candid about the reasons that made them go to the streets, which sends a powerful and real message to the world about the dangers of substance abuse. The film shows how in many occasions the understanding and care, and even friendship, which have been offered by the officers to the addicts, become the turning point for the later to develop self-esteem and a sense of responsibility. This in turn leads to many of them seeking help and treatment for their addictions and psychological disorders.
Addiction is a condition which results when an individual compulsively ingests a substance (alcohol, controlled drugs, nicotine, etc.), or engages in a particular activity (shopping, gambling, sex, and the like).…

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