Three Types Of Qualitative Research Studies

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Explain the types of qualitative research
There are many types of qualitative research studies, but the six most common types of qualitative research studies are phenomenology, ethnography, grounded theory, historical, case studies and action research. The following explains the top six qualitative research studies:
• Phenomenology studies examine human experiences through the descriptions that are provided by the people involved (Nieswiadomy, 2012). In phenomenology studies, researchers must use bracketing to prevent biasing their research observation and a literature review is not usually done in a phenomenological study (CourseConnect, 2016).
• Ethnographic studies collect and analysis data about cultural groups. The data is collected
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I would use a phenomenology study because I am focusing on a specific group of people and asking how the participants feels this experience is affecting their quality of life. The steps I would take to do my qualitative research would be to identify the problem, define the purpose of the study, select the research design, normally you would do a review of the literature at this time, but since this is a phenomenology study you would do the review after the research is finished, review sample studies, get permission to enter research site, make sure subjects are protected, collect data, analyze the data, interpret data, communicate the results.
What are the benefits of using qualitative research to answer your research question or problem of interest?
The benefits of using a phenomenology qualitative research study to answer my question is it gathers data from the person who has actually lived through the experienced which allows the person to give me detailed information of what that experience was since they have experienced it. If I do not get enough information a qualitative research allows me as a researcher to ask more questions and dig deeper into the research problem to get data. Using a qualitative study will also be cost

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