From The 1967 Preface By Georg Lukacs: Thematic Analysis

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The world is constructed to in where two groups of different economic status define their place in society. The reading (a) From the 1967 Preface by Georg Lukacs explained three themes that are interesting. They are alienation, false consciousness, and stand point. These three themes are important in American society since the environment is so diverse meaning people are different in ways such as culture, beliefs, economic status, race and gender. Alienation is a popular theme in previous readings, in which people become isolated from their lives and the reality of their circumstances. People live with false consciousness perspectives in American society because they are too concern with living by social norms. Although, the American society …show more content…
People try to live up societal norms in order not to be criticized forgetting that no matter what they will always be judged. That is because every individual is influenced by their race, gender, and culture not allowing them to live an ideal white life. People will always be different and taking this in consideration people will understand not everyone can live a perfect American life. Class status has a lot to deal why people live a false consciousness life because they are busy trying to be on top not realizing that the founding fathers created a government in which controls everyone and makes sure to keep people in place. The white people do not realize that the minority groups have different living conditions that they continue to exploit them. This creates a even longer distance for the proletariats to ever enter the bourgeoisie class status. People from different countries come to America thinking they can work and get rich. Their false consciousness does not allow them to see the reality and how they are used to do the rich peoples jobs. They have bad working conditions and very low pay in which sometimes is barely enough to sustain themselves and their families. People work hard trying to live the American dream although this idea is impossible. It is impossible because low wages, immigrant status and the rich keep exploiting the poor. The proletariats face many …show more content…
People live a life thinking that they have an opportunity when in reality society was created to keep them where they are at. People are limited to ever get out of the entrapment of being exploited by the rich. Yet, if people would to focus on the real meaning of life they would not fall into false consciousness and believe they can get rich by working for minimum wage. People are different and understanding that everyone has a different situation some expectations would not be implied taking off some stress from the proletariats. People have a different point of view that allows them to see thing s different therefore unconsciously try to ignore the reality of their society expectations and

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