Social Class Discrimination And Injustice Analysis

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Citizens Social Class Discrimination and Injustice
In “Manifesto of the Communist Party,” Karl Marx explains the social classes as well as their struggles. In “The Social Contract,” Jean-Jacques Rousseau says that in order for things to not remain the same, there has to be changes on the state. In “Workers,” Richard Rodriguez talks about his experience on working and about his choices in life. In “Roberto Acuna, Migrant Farm Worker,” Studs Terkel mentions about is life experience when he worked in the fields. Social class only provides discrimination and injustice to most of the citizens because the citizens do not get help they need in a job.
Rodriguez says that Mexican receive a payment that identifies “their disadvantaged condition” in
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Rousseau says that “each man, in giving himself to all, gives himself to nobody,” since there is no protection for whom the person chooses (1). This society has many opportunities where the citizens have the ability to vote and decide on the next president, as well as, on other laws. Some citizens do not vote because they believe that either way the neither candidate could not really protect them from any danger. There are other citizens that are confident that the one who they voted for would protect them from the others. In some cases, citizens do not feel like voting because they feel that neither candidate is ready for the presidency and the citizens do not feel that they can protect their own citizens from the others. Terkel says that when reading about Cesar Chavez in the papers, he would criticize him because he believed that he can still “becoming a first-class patriotic citizen” (341). Sometimes, citizens do not really trust the presidential candidates on what they say during their presidential campaigns because they only say things that might not be true. Media tries to prove both candidates wrong because they know the presidential candidates cannot achieve something they said during their campaign. Which means that the media is trying to expose every movement the presidential candidate, so the citizens can know …show more content…
Marx says that middle-class societies who brought good production can’t “no longer control the powers of the nether world” (5). Every social class have their ups and downs because those who have all the power and money to spend cannot really figure out how to wisely spend that money. Those in the upper class society, have power but they cannot really control everything they want. The upper class believes that just because they have so much power they can put others down, but they cannot because if the others unite and protect each other, then the upper class cannot do anything. Most of the time, individuals who have all the power think that they could do anything with their lives, since they are powerful, but they really do not do much. Rousseau says that forces are present when persons are united in a place “but, as the force and liberty of each man are the chief instruments of his self-preservation” they cannot really do much to neglect their own interest (1). Every citizen in the United States have the right to gather together and protest against any discrimination or organization that they believe can cause a great danger towards a certain class. No police can arrest a protestant because everyone has the right to raise their voice for a good cause. The only reason that a police could arrest a protester is if they get violent. Some protest do stay

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