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Everywhere in the world, when we are talking about law, we often mention sentencing. Sentences are essential in order to have an efficient country. A sentence is a decree of punishment, therefore if that does not exist in a country, every citizens of the country would be committing crimes without even worrying about the consequences related to those unlawful acts. The basic purposes and principles of sentencing were first outlined in the Criminal Code in 1996. Defined in section 718.1 of the Criminal Code, the sentence “must be proportionate to the gravity of the offence and the degree of responsibility of the offender” (Roach 469). This quote shows that people who commits an illegitimate act should be penalized as much as the gravity of the …show more content…
In addition to these multiple purposes, Parliament also used some other sentencing principles. Some people have committed two or more crimes, section 718.2(c) codifies that the totality principle by instructing judges that where consecutive sentences are imposed, “the combined sentence should not be unduly long and harsh.”(Roach 471)
Every year, many lawbreakers are caught doing unlawful acts which harm the society. Offenders are punished in many ways for the crimes they have done. There are three principles of criminal justice such as deterrence, reformation and retribution. Deterrence is a punishment used as a threat to stop people from offending. There is two types of deterrence. The first one is called general deterrence and the second one is called the specific deterrence. The general deterrence is to recognize the desire to stop the offender and other persons from committing offences by giving a severe sentence. For example, if a person is caught killing other people, he/she will either
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For example in R.v.Preston, the British Columbia Court of Appeal upheld a suspended sentence, with a probation orders, for the possession of heroin on the basis that “the principle of orders, for the possession yield to any reasonable chance of rehabilitation which may show itself to the court imposing sentence.” (Roach 482) The rehabilitation should not be used to deprive the accused of greater liberty than is necessary to punish the criminal. Rehabilitation is used on criminals in order to restore them into someone who are useful to the society. The main goal of rehabilitation is to prevent offenders to recommit the same crime they have done previously. The society suggests the use of imprisonment, restitution, and fines. Each rehabilitation methods are used depending on the seriousness of the act committed by the lawbreakers. The use of fine makes people pay for their unlawful act with money they earned by spending time to work. For instance, people who drive their automobile at a higher speed than the maximum allowed would get a speed ticket for their illegitimate action. Restitution is also used to make people pay with money for the wrong thing they have done. For a second example, if you decide to play baseball on the street and you hit the ball too high and breaks the window of your

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