Three Generations Project #2 Essay examples

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Examination of Stage of Development in a Relative The person I interviewed, Christopher, is fourteen years old. He is in the eighth grade in middle school in a rural area of Tennessee. For the interview we went to a local park where we could talk in a more isolated, but comfortable setting. The goal of the interview was to get to know the person being interviewed better and see where they are in relation to Erikson’s Psychosocial Theory of Development and Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Theory. The interview was conducted in a manner that would allow for me to test for hypothetical thinking abilities, internalizing/externalizing tendencies, self-awareness abilities, identity vs. confusion/ psychosocial development, biological growth, cognitive …show more content…
We have certain distortions about ourself.
The interview resulted in a better understanding of Christopher. Many of his behaviors and attitudes toward specific things were explained and made sense. There were many surprises throughout the interview process, and I was pleasantly surprised to see how mature Christopher was in comparison to my preconceived notions of his maturity level. At any given time, a behavior someone is exhibiting could be summed up in a theory that explains it. This rather fascinating concept resulted in a better understanding of people around me.
Belsky, J. (2013). Experiencing the Lifespan (3 ed.). New York: Worth Publishers., 139-172.

Interview Questions

1. You are on your last year of middle school, how has middle school been for you? 2. Do you have friends or people that you feel you can relate to? 3. Describe your typical school day. 4. What do you like to do? 5. Describe your relationship with your siblings. 6. Describe yourself. 7. What are your plans after high school? 8. Are you dating anyone? 9. Describe your ideal girlfriend. 10. Do you feel safe in this world? 11. What is your favorite music? 12. What is your favorite TV show? 13. Do you enjoy outdoor activities? 14. Are you involved in extracurricular activities? 15. Are you happy?

I then chose to ask the same questions I asked on the last interview to see how the

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