Essay on Three Day Road Chapter Notes

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Chapter notes
Prelude (1-2)
-1st person point of view established, and the three main characters.
-E and X are hunting; 12 years of age
-Who is the more experienced hunter? (X) How do we know this?
-Establishing the story and its struggles through foreshadowing:
-We stand back and stare as the marten struggles in the air. The black eyes focus on me. It does not want to die” (2).
-We are great hunters and best friends, yes?” (2)

Chapter 1: Returning (3-9)
-We encounter the second speaker, Niska (Xavier’s aunt). As in most chapters, Boyden makes it easy to identify the new speaker in the first two paragraphs of the chapter. How?
-It is the summer of what year? (1919)
-She feels conspicuous and unwelcome in the white man’s town.
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This event coincides - and intertwines- with Niska's first menstruation. A symbol of maturity is inextricably linked with the sorrow and responsibility of adulthood.
-Niska desperately wants to "possess" her father gifts (46); she also realizes her gifts and responsibilities will be shared by one more. We see an example of foreshadowing: "I am the second to last in a long time of windigo killers. There is still one more" (48).
-However, at the end of the chapter, her father is taken away by the HBC men for the murder of the mother and child; he dies soon after in prison.
-Niska notes the bitter irony of the Cree helping the White Men (wemisikoshiw), who eventually take over the Cree land.

Chapter 5: Fire (50-61)
- We return to Xavier's point of view. Xavier asks his aunt to stop paddling, he remembers the spot on the river and begins telling us his story of how Elijah and himself paddled southward (upriver) to volunteer for the Canadian army a few years earlier. Much of the chapter explains their experience paddling through the forest fire; the fire is an obvious portent or omen of what awaits the two young men.
-We learn more about Elijah:
-"He lives for what the day will bring" (52).
-Elijah has spent much more time with the White Man, and is much more adept at the English language than Xavier (59)
-At the same time, he is less experienced in the brush that Xavier; he often looks to Xavier for re-assurance (57).
-Xavier must look out for Elijah: "I

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