What´s Three Main Components Of Social Interaction?

Social interaction is defined as “the process by which people act and react in relation to others” (Macionis, 2014). There are three main components to social structure: social institutions, social groups, and social status (Ferguson, 2015). Social institutions are devoted to meet the basic social needs of individuals in society, and provide guidelines on how people should behave to meet their social needs (Monnier, 2010). This can include family, education, government, and more (Monnier, 2010). For example, in Christum, religion is a major aspect because it allows meaning, especially being a Christian since Christum is a Christ-centered society. Also, the government will lead society in a Christ-like way, and parents are to educate their children to train them for society, which includes learning about Christ. Another social structure is social groups. Social groups are a group of people who see each other frequently and consider themselves a part of the group (Macionis, 2014). One social group would be church. Church would allow individuals who share the same belief of Christ to come together. This would require Christ-like individuals to become the role(s) of a pastor, deacon, and even a custodian. Having a church would play a role in allowing individuals to come …show more content…
Language can be a positive and negative influence. Language can be a positive influence because it can create diverse social groups, and allow individuals to explore and learn new languages and understand different cultures. Language can also be a negative influence as well because it can cause individuals to want to be part of a certain social group, but they feel like an outsider because they do not speak that particular language. Overall, having a diverse amount of languages would be more beneficial than just having

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