Three Circles In Dante's Divine Comedy

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In Dante’s Divine Comedy, there are three parts: the Inferno the Purgatorio and the Paradiso. In the first section, the Inferno, Dante and the poet Virgil travel through the nine layers of hell; in each circle they come across different sinners being punished accordingly for their sins. I have chosen to elaborate on three of the circles and the punishments bestowed upon the inhabitants within them.

The first circle that I have chosen is the 3rd circle. Within this layer those who have committed the sin of gluttony lie in vast expanses of filthy, freezing slush. Ice cold rain beats down upon them as their demon guardian, Cerberus, howls and screams his discontent. The many gluttons lie amongst the filth, blind to that around them and heedless
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Therefore, the punishment of being blind and alone in a world made of bitter cold and putrid filth is rather fitting.

Within the seventh circle Dante found those who committed acts of violence against other people or property, the suicides, the blasphemers, the sodomites and the usurers. The seventh circle had three inner rings. Within the first ring were those who had been violent against people or property. They were left to boil for eternity in a river of blood and fire, at a level commensurate to their individual sins. The river was patrolled by herds of centaurs, armed with bow and arrows, prepared to shoot any sinner who attempted to rise farther out of the river than they were allowed. This punishment seems quite appropriate, those who have spilt blood will boil in it until the end of time. Within the second ring, Dante and Virgil came upon the unfortunate souls who had committed suicide. Transformed into thorned and gnarled stumps and trees, the tormented shades were fed

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