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List three brief scenarios that will illustrate examples of the types of boundary issues or multiple relationships you may encounter in the work you will be doing as a counselor. Be specific in describing the client, the counseling setting, and the situation that has raised these issues. Discuss specifically what makes these scenarios ethical challenges. Boundaries make it possible for the relationship between therapist and client to be professional and safe for the client and set the

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Receiving gifts. Counselors understand the challenges or accepting gifts from clients

And recognize that in some cultures, small gifts are a token of respect and showing

gratitude. When determining whether or not to accept a gift from clients, counselors take

into account: the therapeutic relationship, the monetary value of the gift, a client’s motivation for giving the gift, and the counselor’s motivations for wanting or declining the gift. (A.10.e.)

The reason this is an ethical challenge is that according to AAMFT Code of Ethics (2005),”a counselor does not receive from clients (a) gifts from clients”. However, in the latest version of ACA codes of ethics (2005),” recognize that in some cultures, small gifts are a token of respect and showing gratitude.”

Therefore, by accepting the gift from the client from China would not break a code of ethics. Initially, the counselor did insult the client but reconciled later by accepting the gift.

3) Physical Contact

The scenario: A client comes into the session crying, and bursts into sobbing and shakes uncontrollably. She is a 32- year- old woman who has just lost her mother from breast cancer. You approach her and give her a hug.
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