Thomas Paine 's Common Sense Essay

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During the time leading up to the Revolution, tensions ran high among both the government and civilians. Factions of groups, Patriots, Rebels and even housewives, were making their voices heard throughout the community. Two of the most powerful writers during the time were Thomas Paine, the son of a Quaker, and Mercy Otis Warren, the daughter of a farmer, attorney, and eventual member of the House of Representatives, Colonel Otis. Although from two separate walks of life, both writers had a hand in shaping America into what she is today.

Thomas Paine 's most memorable works, Common Sense, not only impacted high and lowborn alike, it earned him an honorable spot as one of the Founding Fathers of The United States. In the years after colonists dumped tea into the Boston Harbor in protest for unfair practices at the hands of Britain, Parliament turned to stronger measures to exert control over the infant country of America. The over all mentality of Britain was that “...the colonists had to be taught they were truly subordinate. [1]” This was done by heavy taxes, the prescience of British troops and changes to the rule of law. Understandably, the colonists were on edge, fed up with the monarchy, and looking for someone to blame.

Common Sense,a pamphlet that was printed in January 1776, was reprinted over 150,000 times in multiple locations [2]. It was so popular that even Paine did not anticipate his words would resonate with so much of the public. Countryman…

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