Thomas Jefferson And The Constitution Essay

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In 1796 George Washington prior to retiring as president had warned that the creation of a political government would most certainly lead to a crisis, perhaps because of their discrepancy of opinions. However, Thomas Jefferson is also known as the "father of the constitution" and the 4th president of the United States, along with Alexander Hamilton, a ardent nationalist who was the author of the majority of papers were written two very important individuals that were leading members of the constitutional convention the both of them had separate parts in creating the factions that lead to the political systems. Looking back at 1786 when Virgina sent James Madison who became the principle intellectual leader of the constitutional convention, while Thomas Jefferson had contributed to the foundation, what 's known today as the political party, with their roles having become a legacy to the American constitution the constitutional and political institutions. Although Thomas Jefferson was central to the ratification of the bill of rights next to James Madison they both agree that authority is the part that gives power to the constitution, simply because people are not the ones who ratified, and is what made the revolutionary effort with the founding of the United Nations. Although Thomas Jefferson and James Madison had never worked with one another prior to being sworn in as the secretary of state and the secretary of the treasury by President George Washington, both men had…

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