Thomas Hobbes Political Philosophy: The Leviathan

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Thomas Hobbes Political Philosophy: The Leviathan

When you hear the name Thomas Hobbes what comes to mind? Actor, teacher, or

Maybe, you’ve never heard the name before. How about a 17th century philosopher with

Founding work in political philosophy. He was born in 1588, in Wiltshire, England and

Became a highly gifted student who soon attended Oxford. Thomas Hobbes’s first

Published work was a translation of the Greek historian Thucydides completed in 1629.

He was then noted and still recognized to this day as the author of the greatest works of

Political philosophy. The “Leviathan” was published in 1651.

By now you may be asking yourself, what is the “Leviathan” and what’s so

Special about this book?
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Therefore man needed governed and for that reason required

Them to enter into a social agreement to ensure their behavior. Hobbes; inclusive

Undertaking illustrated the bases by which a commonwealth may regulate society.

Initiating the best likelihood for this government to operate in a way to accommodate the
Wishes and needs of its citizens.

The “Leviathan” is divided into four parts included of man, of the commonwealth,

Of a Christian commonwealth, and the kingdom of darkness. To start, “Leviathan” begins

Naturally with man. Hobbes’s ideas were that the common wealth is not anything but

“Artificial man”. His primary level, he claims that man exists in the outer world, as a

Beast that is aware of objects and is motivated to take action by the continuous

Movements of the world. These continuous leads man’s constant and uncontrollable

Needs, which in a condition of nature, pits everyone opposed to one another, everlasting

State of conflict. Here man is alike in a way that anyone can kill anyone else, and so man

Walks on earth, in a continuous state of panic and concern. Seeing that man’s

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