Essay about Thomas Hobbes And The Social Contract Theory

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Thomas Hobbes, a political philosopher who established the social contract theory and became a foundation in Western political philosophy. When presented this claim: "The more equal people are, the easier it is for them to live in peace. If people were perfectly equal, there would be no more wars.", Hobbes response to this assertion would have been rejection, according to his book; The Citizens. He would be at this conclusion because he does not think humans should live in equality. He believes that humans should strive for peace above all things but war is nessesary when lives are threatened. Hobbes does claim that humans in the state of nature are all equals.
The state of nature is what Hobbes decribes as a place without any government and caotic. Naturally men exist in a state of equality, where everyone is for themselves. Hobbes believed that men are equal as a whole but not as individuals. Not in nature but in society, men are contained by laws of the government. Does not matter of physical or mental ability, everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed, which is Hobbes’ view of equality of men. Men cannot possibly have equal power in society, “…if all men have it, no man hath it, for theyconsist in comparison and excellence; neither doth the society of others advance any whit thecause of my glorying in myself; for every man must account himself, such as he can makehimself, without the help of others.” [CITIZEN] Hobbes believes…

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