Essay on Thomas Hobbes And His Political Philosophy

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Thomas Hobbes (1588- 1679) is an English philosopher best known for his political philosophy. Hobbes had a deep concern for political order. Having views of the world that was originally and still a view that was related to politics. Thomas Hobbes is known as the father of modern political philosophy. Having few peers that agree with his thesis that society should accept unaccountable sovereign as its sole political authority.
Leviathan the book written by Thomas Hobbes was created to talk about the structure of society and legitimate government, and is regarded as the first example of social contract theory. Arguing about social contracts and absolute sovereign, writing that was inspired by evil, war and how brutal state of nature can be said that this can be avoided by a strong government, stating that a monarchy is the best set to lead a country.In Leviathan Hobbes writes that “ The riches, power, and honour of a monarch arise only from the riches, strength and reputation of his subjects. “(Leviathan 148) To further say that no king can be rich if his subjects are poor or contemptible. He also questions the nature of a Christian commonwealth. Do we go by scripture or go against what is said in the bible in regard to the matters that are presented on the issue. The themes that are found in Leviathan are the materialistic view of human nature, good and evil as an appetite and aversion and an absolute monarchy as the best form of government. Leviathan talks about…

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