The Positiv Homeland Analysis

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suggested by David Bordwell’s analysis of film narrative” (17). The lack of a sophisticated narrative and the extremely patriotic theme are only some evident elements that do not have a deep connotation. Mittell brings to the table an excellent point when he compares narrative complexity from a show’s difficulty.
Another aspect that has damaged the show’s credibility is the accusations it has received for being biased. The show is being blamed for not only seeing one side of the story but also for misrepresenting a federal investigation agency. Allegedly, Homeland has served as a marketing tool to promote the CIA’s drastic actions on the “war on terror”.
Several critics have analyzed and commented on the fact that Homeland has been extremely beneficial for the CIA. James Castonguay has made strong allegations on the show being not objective when he mentions that, “This
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Timing, audience, budget, and overall thematic are only a few elements that have contributed to this. When planning a possible and new show, one has to take into consideration several things and conduct a market study in order to predict the show’s possible success. The creators of the Showtime series Homeland used several traits that worked in previous action dramas. Nevertheless, they also took advantage of certain situations going on in the country at that time. The “more cinematic look” of the show is a tremendous asset as well. This allowed the production to gain more credibility and be seen as an absolute truth for several uneducated spectators. In addition, the show utilized human emotions and feeling to convey an impartial opinion that brought a tremendous repercussion to Arabs living in the United States. The show is often confused as a complex story, however based on several scholar’s opinions in this paper, it can be said that the show is in fact a High Quality production, but not a complex

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