Third Wave Feminist Analysis

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Looking at the title, you may have a few thoughts going through you mind, like what’s the difference between second wave feminism and third wave feminism? Alternatively, something like aren’t they all feminist? , And last but not least what is the point in classifying them into two different groups? Even though, both the first and second wave are a part of Feminism, they both started at different points of time within the Feminism era. Since both have different purposes on what being a feminist was about and what they are fighting to change. In the article How Political is the Personal? : Identity Politics Feminism and Social Change by Joan D Mandle. Joan goes in further details about Second wave Feminist and how they had a vast array of issues they were trying to change from issues in the workplace to family and also reproductive rights. While in Feminism Today: The Personal is still political by Ann Farmer. Anna tells us how third wave focused of legal and institutional rights and to change the way they were portrayed in the media and the …show more content…
Ann Farmer is a freelance breaking news reporter for the New York Times, which is beneficial to helping her use those learned skills to figure out why third-wave feminist seems to contrast dramatically with their predecessors. Within the article, Ann tells us about how the legacy continues on being a feminist and that the road of gender equality remains unfinished, and the issues they are facing are not only home based but globally. Many women who were born into the third-wave is scared to admit to being a feminist because it is not what most people consider cool especially within the younger generations. Stereotypes of feminist being crazy, man-hating, and hairy-legged lesbians are off-putting to these young

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