Essay on Things to Do Before You Die

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things to do before you die~Austin Hammond~9/17/12
Things to do before I die Grammar and style

There is a extensive number of things I always wished I could do, before I die. I've created a list of 10 things. some of these plausible, and some radical. The things I wish I could do at some point are probably going to happen one day, So there’s no need for me to fret. All i need is a tremendous sum of money to cover the expenses.

1. White water rafting. I know that lots of people have already done this, even at an early age, But I’ve always wanted too. And I don’t usually go to camps for the summer so I wouldn’t have had the chance. Its always seems so fun and the initial thrill of dropping of a small waterfall is probably amazing.
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I have seen people do it and to be quiet frank, it looks awesome. Its a common event along the coast and certainly not that expensive. I'm sure ill find the time eventually, I''d say it is about 95% likely to happen withing the next 10 years. Lucky me, both sides of my grandparents live right on the coast.

6. Wake boarding. Wake boarding is the equivalent of snowboarding, but on water. You are pulled behind a boat at high speeds and are supposed to ride over the wakes, which cause you to get air, which is awesome to say the least. My good friend Andrew has done it and has had nothing but splendid tales and funny fails to express to me on the manner. I think it would be very fun to try it at least once in my life, and the likely hood is high, hence the grandparents living on the coast.

7. Skydiving: Skydiving, in case you didn't already know, is the act of jumping out of a plane at high altitudes and free falling until the optimal parachute release height and the deploying the parachute and slowly lofting down to the surface. It is a high thrill experience and I would love to one day take part in it.. Skydiving however, probably isn't cheap so I may have to wait awhile, but that's fine because odds are, its worth the wait.

8.Cedar Point Amusement Park. Cedar Point is crowned as the best amusement park in the United States, and I love roller coasters. They are one of my favorite things

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