Things Fall Apart Paper

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Yiran Meng
Things Fall Apart paper
Umuofia is a primitive and polytheist clan in Nigeria. People in the tribe uphold their own system of tradition, taboo and justice. Several gods that influence all aspect of the members’ life are worshiped, and profane conducts are punished severely. People are not concerned about their personal interests, as they help each other altruistically. As a matter of fact, all the people in the tribe live harmoniously. However, as Achebe depicts in the second part of Things Fall Apart, everything in the clan falls apart due to the appearance of British missionaries. When Christianity is first spread in the tribes, the converts are mostly people who are not valued in the tribe, yet more and more
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As a result, he is stood off from the family and becomes gloomy all day round. In addition, the death of Ikemefuna confuses and alerts him. Confusion and dread occupy his heart now; for he can’t explain things happen around him and worries he may be the next sacrifice. Then the British missionaries come into the scene, and Nwoye is enthralled during the first gathering: “he felt a relief within as the hymn poured into his parched soul”(Achebe 147). The Christian hymn offers the answers to those questions that have perplexed Nwoye for a long time. In the tribe, most of the rejects face similar situation to Nwoye’s; their family or the whole tribe abandons them for some physical reasons, which can’t be interpreted by the clan men. They then feel miserable and confused, so the emergence of Christianity, which preaches that god loves everyone, gives them a new perspective and a vague solution to their question; therefore, those rejects in the clan becomes the first group of converts.
As a traditional tribe, Umuofia maintains a system of traditions and religion. The religion in Umuofia is different from Christianity in many major aspects. For example, in contrast to Christian monotheism, Umuofia is a polytheistic culture. Consequently, the two religions can’t exist together peacefully in one tribe. In the clan people all abide the conventions, and they rarely dare to break it. For instance, when Okonkwo beats one of his wives during the week of peace, he

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