Essay on Theu.s. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Roaring Twenties

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1920s Americas history was a major catalyst in changing American culture. Straight out of World War 1, Americans brought light to many social issues that were left in the dust because of the focus on the war. F. Scott Fitzgerald, a novelist during the 1920s said on the era "The parties were bigger…the pace was faster…and the morals were looser." The “roaring twenties” played an important role in shaping social aspects of American society. Ideas like women’s rights, alcohol consumption, and black rights were some of the social issues this era dealt with. Prohibition was one of the major changes to American society implemented in the 20s. People had begun to worry about the role of alcohol in American society. It had become a symbol of celebration, and some worried about its role in out culture, some even calling it “alcohol culture”. Many different groups had the same goal in mind: to ban alcohol sales and consumption. These groups of people wanting to place the ban on alcohol were involved in the Temperance movement, which promoted ideas of moderation. During this time, the Woman’s Christian Temperance Union was one of the groups focused on prohibition. Many of supporters of prohibition had been swayed by the church to believe in prohibition, as the women in this union. The creation of the Eighteenth Amendment was the last straw in the banning of alcohol. The Volstead Act also supported prohibition laws. The prohibition laws were enforced with help from the group called…

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