Pornography And Religion Essay

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Thesis Statement: Religious beliefs and institutions paralyze the society in the sense of morality by designating sexual desires as an unnatural thing, which further comes into an existence as a by-product of pornography. Overview: Pornography become an obsession in the modern world because somehow, religions designate the sexual desires as an unnatural thing. People want to hide their sexual desires and try to create a facade that sex is a non-existing thing in their lives, but deep down in the mind people are thinking of sex twenty-four hours a day (Osho, 1981, Chapter 10). Sex is an energy and it propagates for a purpose in order to fulfill …show more content…
Priests have been against the sex and when we try to repress anything too much, it is bound to assert itself into a subtle way (Osho, 1981). Pornography exists not only through the source of electronic media, but also exist in magazines, folk books and literature. People enjoy reading and think about it because it is not a common practice in their daily life, but something which is interesting. The argument is not whether pornography is good or bad, but it is a by-product of religion- ‘a religious phenomenon’(Osho, 1981); it will not exist, if sex is taken as a natural thing. Moreover, the juxtaposition of murder and sex are associated with the movies to persuade the audience. Sex and murder are two different aspects because murder kills the body and sex originate the body. Both aspects are way different in their nature. Whereas, people are enjoying the juxtaposition of two different aspects because they feel free in their confined mind with that particular indirect source (books or movies) of pornography. Books like ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’ are banned in various part of the world because it explicit the extreme and dense form of

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