Youth Crime Thesis

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Youth Crime in Latin America
I. Introduction:
A. Thesis Statement: Although youth crime is a problem that Latin America countries have had for years, the causes of these do not only relate only to the government but also to the family and the society.
B. Support 1: The absence of strong family ties that teach teenagers good values can affect their future and make them more vulnerable to youth crime.
C. Support 2: The gender and the relations that young people made can affect their perception of life and can determinate the pathway they take.
D. Support 3: The lack of economic opportunities can affect the education young people received and the condition of the community in which they grow up.
II. First Paragraph: Family
A. Topic Sentence:
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Topic Sentence: The relationships and the gender could also have an impact on the children’s future.
B. Support 1: Men are more likely to get involved in violent criminal acts because of the need of power while women are more likely to be involve in passive crimes.
1. Men tend to be more involved in crime like homicide, burglary using weapons and carjacking, while women tend to be more involved with
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Support 2: The incorrect friends can have a negative influence in children development and decision.
1. Children that have friends in criminal gangs or that have had justice problems could influence them to follow the steps showing them the advantages of this style of life.
D. Support 3:
IV. Third Paragraph: economical (education and community)
A. Topic Sentence: Socio-economic aspect can have an impact in kid in term of access to school and the condition of the community where they live.
B. Support 1: Lack of quality schools can affect younger people development and aspirations.
1. Most of the children´s who attend schools in poor places inclines to leave school looking for better opportunities.
2. Schools that do not have the minimal conditions to provide quality education and an adequate place for children development.
C. Support 2: The economic problems can affect children grow up in term of access to services and basic goods.
1. Families without the basic needs covered need that the children star to work at an early stage of their lives.
2. The inequality in the distribution of the incomes can generate frustration among the citizens.
D. Support 3: The community where people live can have an impact in children choices base on the

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