There 's Goes My Life Essay

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There’s goes my life…. I remember hearing this song on the radio driving home from work. I did not like the song in the beginning; how could a person feel their life was ruined by having a child? I wanted to change the station; although I was intrigued, so I kept listening. By the end of the song, not only had traffic come to a halt, I was weeping. This song is true for many of us, children are those unspoken privileges. When you become a parent, you appreciate what it means to be a parent. For me it’s the single greatest thing I will ever do. Imaging my life without my children is unthinkable; I will continue to wake each day to better myself so I can ensure their life can be better. Regrettably not all of us feel the same the way, many do not get the chance to experience this miracle and for some the miracle gets taken away by a tragic accident way too soon. Treasure the time you do have; never waste a moment; teach your children everything you can and if you see another child in need, do what you can to make a difference in their life.
Some see me and assume my childhood stood flawless. Presuming both of my parents were involved, both loving and attentive, protecting me from the world’s horrid truth, appreciating every moment I was in their presence. The reality, yes, I had a two parent household until the age of 13. However, behind closed doors it wasn’t sunshine and roses. My father could care less about me. I was something to boast about when it enhanced credibility to…

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