Character Analysis: The Metamorphosis

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The Metamorphosis raises several questions for people like me, a student who faces time of transition and transformation. Gregor transformed into a cockroach which is very unfortunate. The story of the unfortunate Gregor Samsa can make us all have a deeper outlook on life and finding ourselves. Each individual would experience metamorphosis differently as it is a personal event; yet, each of our lives share some sort of connection with a broader history.
No one in Gregor’s family talks to him because they feel as though he wouldn’t understand them. A lot of what Gregor learns is discovered after hearing conversations that take place outside his room door. There would always be two or more of Gregor’s family members at the apartment since no
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Gregor emotionally reacted thinking about the outcome and what would happen to him at work, but doesn’t seem to care what caused the change and how to fix it. His main concern is how he feels physically and what would make him feel more at ease. Some of the characters in the novel treat metamorphosis as something unusual and disgusting. Also they seem to be more focused on how to adapt to the situation instead of fleeing from Gregor or trying to get him back to his normal self. Gregor’s family appeared to be ashamed and disgusted, but failed to provide him with help and …show more content…
He feel he should do for his family because of what others think of him holds more value than what he thinks of himself. His miserable existence before he becomes a bug feels empty. After becoming a bug he feels it’s his escape from humanity. He can live a life of freedom instead of being chained to life of pleasing others. Gregor’s family took advantage of him. His family took from him; lied to him, his father embellished his health and etc. They did not work as a family; they wanted him to work in order to provide for the family. People are afraid of what they don’t understand, so they chose not to be around him and they did not come together. His mother was afraid of him so she passed out. His father was afraid of him so he became

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