There Will Be Stars Analysis

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Will There be Stars?
Sara Teasdale’s “There Will be Stars” is a poem created in the Classical style, and written in the modern era. By comparison, Modernist John Woods Duke’s song “There Will be Stars” is a powerful vocal composition which highlights the writing and style of Sara Teasdale. The poem and actual music are combined to emphasize Teasdale’s message of the impermanence of humanity and constancy of nature.“There Will be Stars” presents itself as a perfect representation of the modernist poetic and musical movements, of which doubt and uncertainties prevailed, shown through the analysis of Sara Teasdale’s life and the actual poem itself.
Sara Teasdale, born into a modest family in St. Louis, Missouri, grew up with moderate schooling,
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He first sets the tone of the piece by writing it in a minor key, mirroring the somber tone present in Teasdale’s poetry. The repeated runs on the piano also help create this effect; based upon the tone, the mood shifts, conveying uncertainties and constant change. Additionally, by repeating the refrain “There will be stars forever” an additional time but up a fourth with a raised F# greatly emphasizes the variations of meaning this one line has throughout the song and poem. Initially, through Duke’s interpretation, the line “There will be stars over the place forever” seems to hold ominous feelings, lamenting the short existence of humanity. However, by the end of the song, this same line holds a more hopefully message; instead of grieving the fate of humanity it instead celebrates the great permanence of nature. One of the most obvious musical devices Duke utilizes is the specific rhythmic and dynamic contrasts. These emphasize specific word choice in the phrasing of the songs. For example, by measure 21, the song climaxes into a fortissimo, only two measures later to be contrasted with a pianissimo. This drastic juxtaposition of dynamics emphasizes both lyrical phrases, but especially the quiet, “stillness will be deep”. It is evident that Duke uses multiple forms of specific musical techniques to fully deliver the message of the

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