Essay about Theory Of The Mind Body Problem

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In Philosophy, there is the well known concept of the mind-body problem. The mind-body problem explains how mental states such as beliefs, actions, and thinking are related to physical states of an individual (Stewart, p.137, 2012). The basic issue of the mind body problem is the understanding how a body can have a mind inside of it that is controlling it. A frequent question asked is are we only matter or are we matter and mind? There are four philosophical positions including; type identity theory physicalism, functionalist physicalism, property dualism, and substance dualism that have different approaches to the concept of the mind-body problem. After research and comparing each position, I have found a more suitable understanding to the theory of dualism where there are two parts such as property and substance dualism. There are supporting arguments that have enhanced the understanding of the theory of property dualism, and with any argument there are opposing arguments that go against the argument but evidentially make the argument of dualism stronger. Specifically, the main concept of dualism is that humans are both physical and mental. Substance dualism argues that the mind and body exists as two different substances, the mind is a separate non-physical substance that cannot be explained in terms of the brain (Robinson, 2016). The mind lacks the specific attributes of physical objects such as, size, shape, locations, and the laws of physics (Calef, n.d.). Whereas…

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