Theory Critiquing Essay

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One draw of the field of nursing is the ability for nurses to individualize their care plans for their patients. In order to ensure that unique patients are able to get healthy, they need nursing care plans as unique as they are. This means assessment and evaluation of each patient before and during care. Nancy Roper's desire to become a nurse started in childhood, and as a result of her experiences and education, she, along with two of her colleagues, developed the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model of Nursing to assess patients' level of independence and provide the best individualized care for them.


Living is a complex process which
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1. Maintaining a safe environment- In order to stay alive and carry out any of the other AL, it is imperative that actions are taken to maintain a safe environment (Roper et al 1996,p21 ) These actions may include activities such as prevention of accidents in the home, driving carefully or washing hands after elimination. Roper and the other authors of the model believed that as the environment affects us, human being also affects the environment giving us the responsibility of taking good care of it for our own sake.

2. Communication- Roper st al (1996) Human beings are essentially social beings and a major part of living involvescommunicating with other people in one way or another. Communicating not only involves the use of verbal language as in talking and writing, but also the non-verbal transmission of information by facial expression and body gesture.

3. Breathing- is an activity that is essentialfor life itself and all other activities are therefore dependent on us being able to breathe. Breathing ensures that oxygen is taken into the body and carbon dioxide is removed. This process helps maintain the body's homeostasis.

4. Eating and drinking-It is essential to maintain the body's homeostasis, and we need to eat the right food and drink the right fluids that ensure

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