Theories Of Sigmund Freud: Freudian Psychoanatic Approach Theory

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I. Theory Description
Theorists: Sigmund Freud: Freudian psychoanalytic approach theory
The famous Neuropathologist name was J.M. Charcot. Charcot was studying hysteria. According to “Personality: Classic Theories and Modern Research,” the idea behind the therapy was that was the psychological tension that the outer body could be liberated. But, through these ideas of hypnosis it suddenly moves to Freud and his fellow physiologist Josef Breuer (Friedman & Schustack, 2012).
But, Freud was so consciously aware that dreams are the key to unlock people inner secrets. I think that explaining hypnosis, dreams and the structure of the mind are many psychological criticisms that are still being manifested today. According to “Personality: Classic
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According to researchers the ego ideal is made up of all of our rules for good behavior. It often includes intellectual, physical, social and other over estimations, which grew over the years the older I got. When we engage in certain types of actions that conform to the ego ideal we will likely feel good about ourselves or proud of our accomplishments. But, I think that there are people who would call this egotist which usually develop a strong tendency to talk about themselves in a self-promoting fashion, and sometimes they can come off arrogant. The last sentence was an honest statement. When I am confident and a hundred percent positive I go with my instincts hoping I don’t offend anyone along the …show more content…
I think that people really do deny a lot of their mental and physical problems because of insecurity among society. But, the truth is that everyone has their certain wants and needs or rather ideas and feelings. If Freud was still alive today, even with all of the sex that is being promoted on TV, I think that he would still explain how there are more hidden sexual unconscious needs. But, if there are such sexual needs hidden they would, I think they would probably remain hidden threaten by insecurity. But, even understanding all of these needs, wants, ideas, and feelings we still cannot fully become self-centered as humans. As stated in the reading on Personality, we are forcefully shaped by our parent and the rest of society to follow moral rules (Friedman & Schustack,

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