Theories And Theories Of The Abdul Scenario Essay

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This assignment will identify three psychological theories to explain the Abdul scenario. It will explain and critique each theory. The three theories which will be explained are the attachment theory and humanistic theory and the cognitive theory. Furthermore, there are several theories and approaches which can apply to Abdul, however the chosen theories was based on being able to link together. Abdul as had to experienced loss, which then will be linked into the attachment theory and how this referred to the Abdul situation. Then finally how Abdul’s foster parents will ensure that Abdul will reach his self-actualisation.
Abdul is a fifteen old afghan asylum seeker who has been in foster care with Mr and Mrs Brown, living on a farm in a part of rural Shropshire, for three months. Within the house hold there is Mr and Mrs Brown, their fourteen year old son David and Mrs Brown’s father who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Abdul has no relatives in the United Kingdom (UK), but he has wrote to his family but currently no reply. However, Abdul’s parents in Afghanistan are owners of their own farm, this will allow Abdul to have something in common as he is presently living on a farm too. Abdul had to leave Afghanistan due to he was being threatened to be killed as he was in a relationship with a warlord. There is also a communication barrier within the household as Abdul speaks Dari, but learning developing his English in an English school. This leads for Mr and Mrs Brown to…

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