Theories And Theories Of Learning Essay

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Theories of learning can be usually put into a few categories which I will explain below. I will be explaining some theorists who have experimented different ways of learning. Cognitive skills are brain based skills that we need to carry out any tasks from the simplest to the most complex; one theorist who believed this is Piaget, who believed that there are different development stages. I will be talking about how Behaviourists believe that we learn by the environment around us and that all behaviours are developed through conditioning, Pavlov and Skinner are to theorists who believe this and I will be talking about how they have experimented to prove this. I think that this theory can related to some experiences I have had. Humanistic theories believe that individual’s behaviours are mostly to with inner feelings; Kolb and Maslow are the theorist I will be looking at and how they are used in some personal experiences. Social constructivists support the fact the individuals learn better by interacting with other people and learning through experience, which I also can relate to and will be explain more about this; Vygotsky is the theorist I will be looking at. Although they all have different theories some of them can link with one another.
Everyone has different ways of learning and not everyone learns the same way as every individual is different. John Watson believed that different behaviours were due to different experiences in learning. He stated that:
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