Theories And Intelligent Design Of The South Carolina Curriculum Standard

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The purpose of this statement is to address the recent changes to the South Carolina Curriculum Standard. Research will be conducted on both Evolutionary theory and Intelligent Design theory to determine if high school biology teachers should teach their students Intelligent Design as a valid alternative to Evolutionary theory.

Intelligent Design
The Intelligent Design theory argues that the world and all the creatures in it were created not by random mutations and evolution, but by an all-powerful, all-knowing God. This theory is sometimes confused with the creationism theory. The creationism theory is based on the book in the Bible Genesis; people that believe this believe that what happened in Genesis is exactly what happened to the earth. Intelligent Design theorists believe that evolution had help from God or an all- knowing entity and that organisms did not just evolve by random. There are three main points that Intelligent Design theorists use to discredit evolutionary theory. One of the arguments proposed by the people who believe in Intelligent Design is that life is too complex to have evolved through natural selection, and that this level of complexity could not have come about by chance. The human eye is an elaborate system of interconnected parts. It has been compared to a digital camera because of all the lenses and connected parts that are involved in vision (Behe, 2000, A Series of Eyes, para. 4). To form a complete picture of the environment,…

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