Theoretical Perspective on Aging Hcs/548 Essay

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Theoretical Perspective on Aging
Rachael Porchia
September 3, 2012
Deborah Ayers

Theoretical Perspective on Aging The study of aging has not been around long. Aging is natural, and occurs during an individual’s lifetime. Essentially, no one can escape the aging process many individuals 60 and over are in good health, and hold his or her independence status. However, some individuals over 60 experiences medical issues, and may need to count on others for assistance. Typically, when most people retire he or she expects to remain independent, and live life as he or she always has in the past. However, because of some unforeseen illness some
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The advantage of the activity theory is that older people remain active, and involved with society. These individuals are sociable; motivated, and still have certain goals he or she wants to achieve before leaving the earth. These individuals still has a sense of life, and do not like to be alone much. Meanwhile, the disadvantage of the activity theory occurs when some individuals deny his or her age because of high energy level, and activity level. Eventually, he or she cannot maintain the life as a middle age person because of functional deterioration. According to VickRN (2009), “functional limitations, lack of income, or lack of a desire to do so. Many people lack the resources to maintain active roles in society” (p. 1). When this occurs some individuals do not know how to handle his or her new role in life causing him or her to become depress, and sad at times.
The disengagement theory and the activity theory will continue to be a part of the current approaches to aging within society as it once did in the past because the theories provides knowledge in how individuals adapt to changes as he or she becomes of age. No matter how old or how young a person is regardless of age both disengagement and activity theories “give too simple an account of aging” (Novak, 2009, p. 139). These theories will continue to communicate to society

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