Theodore Roosevelt : The First Modern President Essay

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When running for a second term as president in 1900, William McKinley was in need of a vice president. Republican Party bosses of New York eagerly nominated their governor for the position so that the state Republican political machine could be reserved and because vice president was seen as a dead end job. After McKinley was elected, the hope was that the former New York governor, Theodore Roosevelt, could no longer affect the state of New York, or the nation as a whole. Mr. Roosevelt was an active man that believed in exercise and the outdoors. When McKinley was shot in September of 1901 Roosevelt had to be found in the mountains because he was in the middle of a hunting venture. Roosevelt was sworn in as the 26th president of the United States of America on September 14, 1901. Theodore Roosevelt was soon to reconstruct the mold of the role of the president for many years to come.
Theodore Roosevelt is often called “the first modern president”. The enthusiasm and personality of the young president fit nearly perfectly in a time of such rapid change in America. Roosevelt believed he had the right to all powers unless they were denied to him and he also believed he had a definite responsibility and unique relationship to the citizens of the U.S.. Roosevelt set the precedent for the future presidents starting with the fact that he was a popular leader. The Federalist Papers have essays that are exact advisements against populist leaders and when he was sworn in, that was a…

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