Theodore Roosevelt And The Progressive Reform Essay

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In today’s political arena, candidates such as Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders ‘debate’ on whomever is the most progressive candidate. But what does it mean to be a progressive and when did this radical political idea come into fruition? The Progressive Reform began at the dawn of the twentieth century, at a time when America was a cultural melting pot and the years of peace leading to WWI. The new progressive waged war on monopolies, corruption, inefficiencies, and social injustices. Even though the progressives fought a ‘war’ on many fronts, the efforts’ of the reformers was to “Strength the State.” The three great Progressives are Theodore Roosevelt, the man of ample girth William Howard Taft, and Woodrow Wilson and. But which one of these men would win the modern ‘debate’ on whomever the most progressive was? Theodore Roosevelt was very invested in the foreign affairs, but was too effected the waves of progressive reform. Being a progressive reformer, Roosevelt recognized the growing rift between individuals creating a canyon of indifferences. Roosevelt in response decided to construct a bridge across the canyon of indifferences, known as the Square Deal. The Square Deal was built upon the three C’s: consumer protection, control of corporations, and conservation of natural resources. The Square Deal for labor was put to the ultimate test in 1902, during a strike by coal workers. The workers demanded a 20 percent increase in pay and shorter hours, obviously the mine…

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