Theodora's Impact On The Byzantine Empire

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Theodora’s Impact

Theodora was the wife of Justinian, the emperor of the Byzantine Empire. She, in addition she is a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church, where she is immortalized with a mosaic painting on the walls of the Basilica of San Vitale. She is acknowledged for being the most influential empress in the history of Byzantine times. Her intelligence made her Justinian’s most trusted advisor and co-regent. Although she did not have the best background, she succeeded in co-leading the Byzantine Empire alongside Justinian. Theodora left a long-lasting impact on the Byzantine Empire. Theodora was born around 495 AD , there is no specific date, she was not born into the high society instead she was born into the lowest class. Theodora was born into a family of circus people and they belonged to the “circus faction” they provided the entertainment for the aristocracy. They provided the horses, charioteers and everything that was needed to provide a good day at
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This title didn’t just come from being a pretty empress with a rotten past. She was able to overcome her past and reinvent herself as an Empress. During her rule she influenced Justinian in numerous forms. When the empire was caught in a difficult spot Theodora would take charge. As we saw in the Nika Riots, where Justinian was in a tough spot and Theodora gave the people confidence in their government. She influenced Justinian to stop the persecution of the Monophysites and tried to produce peace between these two sects. And she played an immense part in attaining rights of women and prostitutes. She passed laws that prohibited the trafficking of young women and also passed divorce laws that protected the women. These are a few of the impacts that she left. She moreover impacted Justinian and the method he ran the empire. They both lead the Byzantine Empire to its peak and achieved countless improvements in their

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