Themes Of Redemption, Moral Truth And Just Society Essay

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The focus of Foundations of the World 201 is the recurring themes of Redemption, Moral Truth and Just Society. We observed these themes as they recurred through history in Foundations of the World 101 and now we see how they continue through time into the 17th century. William Shakespeare wrote this play in a Protestant England at a time when the pious and the humanist were each trying to find their way. He approached these universal themes in a variety of ways. The moral truths that guide all nations and all men, are those truths revealed to man by God. His standards, or Truth, do not change over time, but are everlasting. The lust for power leads the characters in this play to abandon moral truth. Deception is seen in Hamlet as he feigns insanity, in Claudius as he sends Hamlet back to England to cover his crime, but to face his death. Even Gertrude, who the ghost wishes to spare, deceives herself that she loves Claudius, but the reality is she loves the status and power of being married to a King. Of course, murder is unparalleled as the sanctity of life is crushed as a consequence of this deceit. Even Hamlet’s desire to honor his father, valuing that moral on the one hand, would entail breaking another moral truth by murder. One of the truths illustrated in the play, is that death separates us from what we love, both in a mortal sense, our physical death, and in a spiritual sense, our absence from God’s presence. Hamlet is separated from the love of his father…

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