Themes Of ' Huckleberry Finn ' By Mark Twain Essay

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Theme can be defined as the overall message in a literary work. Authors use theme to help aid in the development of the plot. The theme can be directly or indirectly stated. There can be multiple themes throughout a story. In the stories, Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark twain we see how the protagonists face many conflicts. One dealing with being ruled by a dictator in a steel prison, the other being Huck and his fight to escape the standards of society. The stories are decades apart , but they both share the same trait of having multiple themes. Steelheart’s main themes are revenge and power corrupts, while in huckleberry the main themes are rebellion and friendship. In steelheart David is the embodiment of the theme revenge because throughout the story his focus is on killing steelheart. While the epics in the story exemplify power corrupts. All the epics in the story feel superior than the normal humans and often kill for little to no reason because they can. In Huckleberry Finn, huck refuses to wear new clothes, and learn the bible because he doesn’t want to be a civilized boy. He rebels and runs away. While he runs off he meets a slave named Jim who is a runaway.Huck knows the dangers in helping a slave, but he helps anyway because Jim is his friend.
The book steelheart is about a post-apocalyptic society caused by a star called Calamity. The star began changing people into epics. These people were given the ability of…

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