Themes In The Book Unbroken

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Unbroken by Laura Hillenbran chronicles the extraordinary life of Louis Zamperini, from his humble beginning as a boy steeling for sport, to the Olympic runner, and finally to a prisoner of war. Throughout the novel Louis’ life was absorbed by running. Whether running from the police, running for the gold, or running for his life, Louis was always running.
From an early age Louis was steeling. Anything he could find that was edible he would steal. Due to his thievery, he was always on the run from police. He became a sort of legend in his town, always getting into more and more trouble. When recounting these tales he would always end the story with “…and then I ran like mad (P. 6).” Once in high school Louis continued his delinquent ways. After finding a skeleton key fit into the back door of the gym, he started sneaking in students to the basketball games. Noticing the attendance was far greater than the ticket sales the principal caught on and found Louis out. Louis was going to be banned from attending school events or joining any sports, but that’s when his brother Pete stepped in.
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He was Louis foil, as far as anyone was concerned. Due to his high stature in the school’s community he felt he could sway the principal’s decision. Armed with his words and his mother, Pete went to the principal’s office and demanded that he allow Louis to join the track team. He reasoned that Louis acts out for attention and that “If Louie was recognized for doing something right, he’d turn his life around (P. 13).” This planned worked and soon, with a lot of practice, Louis was a star track athlete. He went on to set the record for the fastest mile for high school students, which stood unbroken for over twenty years. Louis was no longer known as the town’s juvenile delinquent, rather, the town’s prize runner. People felt nothing could stop him. The only next logical step was the

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